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Want to Explore the Best of the Emirates in UAE? Here’s A Guide


Be greeted by the Emirates in UAE, a federation that is composed of seven emirates each providing its unique appeal. A comprehensive travel experience requires that you explore the best that every emirate has to offer for visitors to wholly immerse themselves in the varied cultures and landscapes constituting the UAE.

Abu Dhabi

In UAE, you can explore the United Arab Emirates’ majestic capital – Abu Dhabi, which is a city that is full of rich culture and attractions that will make your breath stop. From the marvellous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the palatial Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi has numerous landmarks for you to discover. You can dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the Corniche waterfront. Further, you experience thrilling adventures like Ferrari World and Yas Water World on Yas Island.

For budget travellers, there are many cheap things to do in Abu Dhabi such as visiting the historic Al Hosn Fort or strolling through calm mangrove forests. On public beaches and parks enjoy free entry while at local eateries and markets go for pocket-friendly dining options when in this island nation. By paying due attention to planning and making prudent choices one can experience all the delights of Abu Dhabi without having to spend a fortune on them.

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The dazzling city of Dubai is a hub of activity in the UAE. With its towering skyscrapers, crowded souks, and plush resorts, Dubai offers a memorable vacation experience for people of all ages. You can be amazed by the architectural marvels of Burj Khalifa or Palm Jumeirah or immerse yourself in the buzzing atmosphere at Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Museum in Old Dubai. Many other amazing sites such as Ski Dubai and IMG Worlds of Adventure will entertain you if you prefer thrilling activities. On a tight budget? Worry less. There are many cheap attractions. You can walk along the beautiful Dubai Marina or barter for things at traditional markets. Take pleasure in watching the free fountain show at The Dubai Fountain or enjoy cheap food from local cafes and food courts. 


In Sharjah, UAE, a very captivating emirate with a rich heritage and many attractions, you will get to experience cultural diversity. Al Noor Mosque is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It calls for every tourist to visit. Sharjah Art Museum takes pride in being one of the best places to explore at ease. For instance, if you’re interested in historical sites, you could pay a visit to either the Heart of Sharjah or the Sharjah Heritage Museum.

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Are you on a shoestring budget?

Some pocket-friendly things to do in Sharjah include walking on Corniche or visiting Al Majaz, Waterfront Park. Also, there are free entrances to cultural areas and cheap meals. These let you spend wisely while still enjoying yourself here. However, with proper arrangements, it is possible not only to see all the wonders of Sharjah but also to avoid spending too much money. Emirates in UAE has different cultures and hidden features that can be found as one explores its regions including Sharjah itself.


The Emirates in UAE, Ajman is a lovely emirate found on the coast, which combines traditional attractions and modern ones. Its shoreline has untouched beaches. The beaches have blue waters. They are perfect for sunbathing and relaxation. In the 18th century fortress stands Ajman Museum where you can dive into the history of the region. While walking through Ajman Souk in this area, you will be amazed by its vibrant local culture. People with little money should not worry. Many cheap options abound in Ajman. They can picnic at lush Ajman Corniche Park or marvel at the picturesque views of Ajman Marina. Some free sights like Ajman Beach and reasonable local eateries or restaurants can also be included in your itinerary. During a visit to the Emirates in UAE, immerse yourself in the relaxed environment of Ajman and discover what it reserves.

Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah is in the northern part of the UAE. It is an enchanting Emirate with vast natural beauty and cultural attractions. Visit the famous Jebel Jais Mountain range. It has the world’s longest zipline and offers views that will make your head spin. As you go up the hill looking down at the Emirates, enjoy historical facts about ancient Dhayah Fort.

There is also a chance for outdoor enthusiasts who would like to hike across the Hajar Mountains or explore Al Wadi Nature Reserve, which sits on desert safaris. How about travelling on a budget? If you are travelling on a small budget, there are many cheap options in Ras Al Khaimah. You can visit Al Hamra, which has beautiful beaches. Or, you can shop at traditional souks and markets for rare treasures. Also, don’t forget that there are free things to do in this city. You can go to Ras Al Khaimah National Museum. Or you can have meals at local cafes and restaurants. It used to immerse yourself amidst its natural beauty as well as heritage while exploring the Emirates in UAE and other places of interest too.

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Get to know Fujairah, a calm emirate in the UAE. It is well known for its clean beaches and rich culture. Marvel at Fujairah Fort and Al Bidya Mosque as some of the historical landmarks that provide a glimpse of the emirate’s past. There are sandy Dibba Beaches and crystal clear snorkelling water around Snoopy Island that has colourful marine life. For the daredevil, you can hike through the Hajar Mountains. Or, you can visit Wadi Wurayah National Park. It is one of many attractions in this area. Are you travelling on a small budget?

Cheap things to do in Fujairah include; going to Friday Market where there are locally made crafts and produce or having picnics at Ain Al Madhab Gardens. Take advantage of free attractions such as the Fujairah Museum or dine affordably at local cafes and restaurants. It is possible to experience the beauty of Fujairah without spending too much money. This can happen if you plan carefully and explore it thoroughly. Thus, while exploring the Emirates in UAE, you will be submerged in its tranquillity and the natural wonders in Fujairah town itself.

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In conclusion, the Emirates UAE has a wealth of experiences across its seven emirates. From Dubai’s lively city to Fujairah’s calm coastlines, each of the emirates has its unique features. Among these are Ras Al Khaimah’s grand mountains, Sharjah’s cultural heritage, and Ajman’s peaceful seashores. You cannot afford to miss out on this diverse expedition. Get travel tips at PackUpYourBags. Be it for opulence or affordability, within UAE, Emirates has got you covered. Prepare your luggage and make your way into an unbeatable experience of investigating the magnificence in unity of this extraordinary land.

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