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Big giants who are using Crypto Technology in their fields

Crypto technology has been gaining immense traction in finance and business. As a result, major technology giants are now making their presence felt in the industry by leveraging this revolutionary technology to offer innovative solutions in various fields.

These companies have used crypto technology to streamline operations, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. The most prominent names include Walmart, Microsoft, IBM, and American Bank.

What is crypto technology?

Crypto technology is a term that encompasses the various encryption technologies used to secure digital transactions. It is an essential component of the blockchain, a distributed ledger or data structure that stores information about digital transactions in a way that makes them difficult to alter or delete.

Crypto technology uses complex algorithms and cryptography to create codes that those with the key can only decrypt. These codes are used to encrypt and decrypt data, making it virtually impossible for outsiders to gain access to sensitive information. Crypto technology is also used for digital signatures, which provide additional security by verifying the identity of a user before allowing them to access specific resources. By using crypto technology, blockchain networks can maintain secure digital transactions and store data with a high degree of assurance.

Crypto technology is becoming increasingly popular as more organizations and individuals recognize blockchain’s potential to revolutionize how we interact. The use of crypto technology can help increase trust between parties, reduce fraud, and provide greater security for digital assets. It has already impacted the financial world and will likely continue.

Top Companies that are Using Blockchain Technology and How?


Another major behemoth that has backed Blockchain Technology from the start is Microsoft. In 2014, when almost anybody had even heard of cryptocurrency, Microsoft began taking Bitcoin payments on its website. Additionally, Microsoft has acquired about 40 patents about using blockchains as secure storage and payment gateways.

Furthermore, Bill Gates and some of his decentralized charitable organizations have looked into blockchain technology to streamline internal operations. Additionally, Microsoft allows companies and developers to use Stratis on Microsoft Azure to create their Blockchain. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computation service designed by the company for developing, evaluating, deploying, and managing software in data centers under its management.


IBM has teamed up with Walmart and nine other food corporations to build a Blockchain for monitoring food across its supply chain internationally. Real-time data will be accumulated on every food item at every stage. The Food Trust Blockchain comprises several companies, including Nestlé SA, Dole Food Co., and Unilever. Since 2016, these businesses have worked with IBM on the project; in August of last year, product testing went on. Their objective is to increase the firms’ capacity to recognize problems associated with food recalls, such as immediately tracking outbreaks to reduce customer risk. Following the salmonella epidemic in the supply chain the previous year, Walmart seems to have rallied behind the campaign.


One of the largest logistics management organizations in the world, FedEx transports freight valued at billions of dollars each year. Now that FedEx has incorporated Blockchain Technology into its supply chain management. They are the first significant transportation company to do so.

As a result, they are now using blockchains to track high-value goods, and they eventually intend to expand their capabilities to practically all of their shipments. Additionally, they are positioning themselves as leaders in this area by contributing to developing Blockchain-based industry norms for supply chain logistics.

Burger King

WhopperCoin is a cryptocurrency token from the multinational fast-food chain Burger King. It has been made available in Russia on the Waves platform. WhopperCoin, so named after the company’s signature burger. It is Burger King’s effort to use blockchain technology to fuel its rewards system. This strategy is distinctive in that WhopperCoin tokens may be saved online, exchanged, or even exchanged to other individuals utilizing the Waves platform, unlike conventional incentive schemes.

So, for example, Burger King customers would get one WhopperCoin for every Rouble they spent. A Whopper could be purchased for 1700 WhopperCoin. This colossal step might have broad ramifications for all reward schemes, from frequent flyer miles to movie theaters.


More than 30 Blockchain-related patents have been submitted by Mastercard, which would suggest that they are developing their Blockchain-based payment gateways. It seems reasonable that Mastercard and VISA would look into their private options for Bitcoin-based payments, given. That Bitcoin has been rumored to be destructive to payment services like those two.


To further organize the mobile sector and eliminate fraud and deception, Huawei plans to employ blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can change how reliability and trustworthiness are evaluated in the telecom sector.


One of the most popular online chat services, KIK, has approximately 300 million active members. KIK completed its initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017. It recently added the Kin cryptocurrency to its platform, which can be used to pay other platform members. The Kin Foundation declared that by utilizing its network, it would be able to provide transactions at no cost. KIK hopes to build a whole economy around its coin by incorporating blockchain-based payments into commonly used services.


By offering companies the core of Blockchain-related services, IBM is establishing itself as one of the industry’s titans. They may assist the organizations in developing their own distributed ledger and intelligent contract systems using the Hyperledger Blockchain builder tool. They have already teamed with a few logistics-related companies to boost productivity and save expenses. The objective of food logistics, like in Walmart’s instance, is to increase supply chain security to lessen contamination. The banks, in the meantime, are developing a Blockchain trade finance platform dubbed Batavia.

American Bank

The bank’s recent application for nine additional blockchain-related patents is a clue. That Bank of America is receptive to employing blockchain technology in its operations. Bank of America plans to hire open-sourced ledgers to make financial transactions for both customers and businesses more efficient. For example, Bank of America might save millions of dollars yearly on cross-border payments when used with Ripple’s XRP coin.


The applications of blockchain technology have expanded significantly over the past few years, and it is becoming increasingly clear that all major industries are taking advantage of its potential. Companies like Burger King Russia, Mastercard, Huawei, KIK, IBM and Bank of America have invested heavily in developing distributed ledger-based solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The innovative use of blockchain technology allows these companies to gain a competitive edge and increase the efficiency of their operations. It’s clear that as blockchain technology continues to mature, it will only become more prevalent in all kinds of industries throughout the world.

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