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Rental Yachts in Dubai: Prices, Luxury, and Best Companies within

Rental Yachts in Dubai: Living the luxurious life of Dubai is a dream come true for the majority of people throughout the world. The fast cars, luxury lifestyle, and successful city in the Arabian land are a force of attraction to all the skillful and genius minds in the world. It is also famous for Dubai Nightlife: Best Clubs to Go in the City of Luxury

In this article, we are going to cover a fantasy that resides in everyone’s minds once in a while, and the fantasy is to go on a yacht in the middle of the gulf sea and surf through all the low and high tides, feeling like a total king. So here we will cover what we need for this adventuring experience by reading about the Top companies to rent Yachts from.

Top Companies to Rental Yachts in Dubai-Packup Your Bags

So let’s dig into the deep ocean to discover ourselves floating over the tides and enjoying it to the fullest.

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Top companies to rent Yachts from

Well, the most important thing to consider about this lavish fantasy of ours is to know about some of the best companies to rent yachts from, in Dubai. The topic alone offers hundreds of options in front of us. But through this article, we will help you to get the best deal for your rented yacht in Dubai.

Xclusive Rental Yachts in Dubai

Starting with a company that offers both 5-star as well as affordable yachts to the people. In general, this award-winning company has been in the business for the last some decades, serving people in enjoying their great yacht rides in the city.

Xclusive Rental Yachts in Dubai-Packup Your Bags

Xclusive Yachts offer a variety of yachts including sunset and dinner cruises, sightseeing of the city shared yachts, and some superyacht charters too, to make your trip a realistic one.

The price of the shared yachts charges around AED 230, whereas the yacht charter ranges from AED 1350- AED 1500, and the last superyachts of Dubai starting from AED 20,000 onwards for 4 hours.

Location: Marina Level, Al Majara Tower, Dubai Marina

Timing: 8:00 am to 10:30 pm every day

Contact: +971-4-432-7233

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Easy Yachts Dubai

Here is another company to look for if you are unsure about the specific boat you want for yourself as this company offers a variety of boats to its people, ranging from affordable to luxury boats in Dubai.

Easy Yachts Dubai-Packup Your Bags

Easy yachts are famous for occasions like birthdays, weddings, and corporate events on the boats. The company is well known among the people of Dubai, and a company to count on this list of ours.

The price for the smallest boat of this company, which can take a trip of 10 people, ranges from 500-900 AED depending on the season and time you go on.

Location: The Walk, Dubai

Timings: From 8 am to 10 pm

Contact: +971-58-589-4450

Royal Yachts Dubai

Let’s just add some spice to this research with one of the most luxurious yacht charter companies in Dubai that offer the unrealistic billionaire experience of living in the Arabian lands of Dubai.

Royal Yachts Dubai-Packup Your Bags

This company has tied up its bonds with some of the world-class companies like Fairline and Sanlorenzo, and the charges for the boats through this company initiate from AED 1,200 per hour for the smallest one.

Location: Downtown, Boulevard Plaza Tower 2, Dubai

Timings: 7:30 am to 9:30 pm

Contact: +971-50-226-6906

Mala Rental Yachts Dubai

Here is another yacht company that offers some of the most luxurious yachts to rent in Dubai. It has a diverse fleet of yachts ranging from a 50-foot-high Riva yacht that hosts 18 people, to its Desert Rose yacht, which can host around 200 people or more.

Mala Rental Yachts Dubai-Packup Your Bags

You can book the boats from this company for your birthdays, wedding, and even for your weekend parties all in Dubai, and the best and ideal deal to ask from them can be their 40-feet cruiser, which can easily host 12 members and will only cost around AED 500-600 for three or more hours.

Location: 124 Sheikh Zayed Rd, Ahmed Ramadhan Juma Building, Dubai

Timings: From 8 am till midnight every day

Contact: +971-56-115-7422

Seven Yachts Dubai

Let’s just get to know one of the most loved Rental Yachts in Dubai, Seven Yachts is among the top-notch companies for rental boats in Dubai. The company has been maintaining its high reputation over the years by providing world-class facilities to its visitors from all around the globe.

Seven Yachts Dubai-Packup Your Bags

If you also want to feel like one of the rich sheiks of Dubai, then this is the must-visit part of Dubai for you. Here the starting price of a 40-feet cruiser for one goes all the way to AED 1500 and more. So be prepared to loosen up your pocket while riding on the best boats in Dubai.

Location: Jumeirah Bay Island Bulgari Yacht Club, Dubai

Timings: From 8:00 am till midnight

Contact: +971-56-614-0604

So that was some of the most loved companies to rent yachts from in Dubai. Let’s now hop on some of the questions that people are itching to get answered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much on average does it cost to rent a boat in Dubai?

Well, the prices of the rental boats depend on the number of guests. Your requirements, and the type of boat you seek to be in. If you want a normal voyage boat that can host 12- 13 members for a gathering. The price range would be around AED 400- 500 per hour.

How much does a yacht party in Dubai cost?

A yacht party in the luxurious state of Dubai will cost you around 2,200 AED till infinity. As there are no limits to the expenses in Dubai.

How much can a yacht be paid in Dubai for a whole day?

Well, if you want a yacht for a whole day in Dubai. Then the average amount charged is around 1,500 AED to more than 4,000 AED.

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