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Unexplored Arab: 10 Bizarre Things That You See in City of Dubai Only

Dubai is one of the most fascinating cities of the UAE with a number of skyscrapers, luxury hotels, and some of the best beaches in the world. The city is full of lavishness and prosperity. There is abundance of money out there, and every individual on this planet wishes to visit this gold city of Dubai.

But apart from all this glitz and glamour, the country is beholden to some of the most bizarre things in its premise. Here in this article, we are going to explore the same. 

City of Dubai

Yes, this article is not about the foolishness or the luxury hotels of Dubai. This article is something that will present a different Dubai in front of you. So keep reading, and find some of the most unbelievable facts about Dubai.

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  1. Gold ATM’s

Starting with something that is unusual to be seen in any other country on this planet, gold ATM’s. Yes, you read that right. Dubai is home to a number of ATMs that dispense gold bars and coins instead of cash. 

Gold ATM’s

These machines are located at some of the major malls and hotels of the city. This is something signifying the luxury and abundance of money in the city.

  1. Fleet of Luxury Cars 

Dubai is one of the most promising cities when it comes to the love for cars. There are supercars at every corner of the city. It is uncommon to not see a fleet of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, or Buggatis in the city.

Fleet of Luxury Cars 

So if you want to satisfy the inner beast that resides in your heart and craves for fast cars. Then visiting Dubai would be the best for you.

  1. Dubai Camel Races

You must have been to some car or a bike, or even a horse race. But have you ever been to a camel race? Yes, Dubai organises everything that is uncertain and unpredictable to the human minds. 

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Dubai Camel Races

Here in Dubai, camel races are a great pastime, and a number of sheikhs enjoy the sport. They even bet on those camels, and make huge profits out of it.

  1. The World Island

The world island is a group of man made islands that is designed according to the world map. Here in this case, every island signifies a different country, and is under construction right now.

The World Island

The structure will be one of the most fascinating things to watch in Dubai, and will elevate tourism in Dubai.

  1. The Ski Dubai

The Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort inside the Mall of Emirates, and what makes it bizarre is the location which will give you a different kind of chills that you have never experienced before.

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The Ski Dubai

The resort features five ski runs, a ski lift, and even penguins to exhilarate every human soul out there in the wild.

  1. Dubai Mall Dinosaur Skeleton 

Another major attraction that gives a spooky wine is the huge skeletons of dinosaurs dated more than 150 million years old, and is among the largest skeletons in the world.

Dubai Mall Dinosaur Skeleton 

The Dinosaur skeleton signifies the history of the existence of dinosaurs on the planets, and makes you curious about the ancient times on earth.

  1. Unique Motorcycles

The citizens of Dubai are quite creative and have come up with many different ideas for their bikes. Some have used gold in the building of their bikes, whereas others came with the idea of making a crown headed bike.

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Unique motorcycles in Dubai

This all sure sounds tempting, but is one of the most bizarre things to look at. It is just like the exorcism of resources in the city of Dubai.

  1. Police Boats 

Police boats are not something unheard of. But here in the city of Dubai, police boats are quite expensive and super fast. Making it one of the most efficient coast guards in the world.

Police boats

These superboats are among the major attractions in Dubai, and are a tempting part that nobody wants to escape on their trip to Dubai.

  1. Most Unrealistic Starbucks in the World  

Yes, there is a Starbucks in the city of Dubai which doesn’t even look like one. The structure resembles some high end palace of the ancient times, and is among the most visited places in the city.

Starbucks in the city of Dubai

The franchise is different from any other outlet in the world, and signifies the cultural and traditional values of Islamic culture.

  1. Tennis on Top

Dubai is home to the highest tennis court in the world. Yes, the court is situated on one of the major skyscrapers of Dubai, and is one of the most exhilarating tennis courts in the world.

Tennis on Top

People play games in this court while looking over the whole city with a single glance. Making an unforgettable game of their lives.

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Dubai is a country of luxury and style. There are developments and innovations on every other corner of the city. The city is popular for design and architecture, and offers some of the major attractions for all their tourists out there.

Apart from all this, the city still gets to fare with some of the prospects of the society, and some major expenses have been shown in this article. But regardless, the city still intacts the title of the most luxurious city worth visiting once in a while.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I visit all of these bizarre places in one day?

Well, visiting all the places in a single day would not be that easy. But yes, if you intend to complete these places in only one day, then you can do it.

Are these attractions expensive?

Some of these attractions can be expensive, while others are free or have a nominal fee. It’s best to check the prices before visiting each attraction.

Is it safe to visit these attractions?

Dubai is the world’s safest city. So there is nothing unsafe in Dubai. So feel free and rome wherever you want to.

Are these attractions suitable for children?

Most of these attractions are suitable for children, but some may have age restrictions or require adult supervision. It’s best to check the rules and regulations of each attraction before visiting with children.

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