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Neom City: Exploring Saudi Arabia’s Ambitious Futuristic Project

In recent years, something called Neom city is surfacing all over the world as a futuristic development of another level of humanity. Neom City, a planned cross-border city in Saudi Arabia, is the most ambitious and expensive project in the Arab world.

With a projected cost of $500 billion, it is being developed as a futuristic, sustainable city that incorporates the latest technologies and innovations in fields such as renewable energy, biotechnology, and automation.

Here in this article, we will know about some of the key factors like What Neom city is? How will Neom city impact the economy of Saudi Arabia? And What are the challenges and controversies faced by the city?

What is Neom city?

Neom City is one of the most ambitious and expensive construction projects in the world. It is the city of the future full of technologies and modernisation for the betterment of humanity. To provide the country with diversified industrialisation.

Neom City is being built on a vast 26,500 square kilometre site along the Red Sea coast. The city is being designed with a focus on sustainability and environmental conservation, with plans to be a carbon-neutral city powered entirely by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

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Neom city

The city will also have a zero-waste policy, with all waste being recycled or repurposed. These ambitious goals are being achieved through the use of advanced technologies and innovative solutions.

Apart from that, the city is also being designed with a mindframe of making it one of the most influential tourism sites in the world, which will surely enhance a lot of other sectors in the country.

Pillars of Sustainability in Neom City

Here are some of the major areas where the Neom city will focus to provide a lifestyle of less consumption of natural resources, better sustainability, and innovation of new sources-

Renewable Energy

One of the key pillars of Neom City is its commitment to renewable energy. This city aims to be powered entirely by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

The city is being built with the latest technologies to make this possible, including advanced solar panels and wind turbines. The city will also incorporate energy storage solutions such as large-scale batteries. It allow the city to store excess energy during peak production times and use it during periods of low production.

Advanced Healthcare and Biotechnology

Another key pillar of Neom City is its commitment to healthcare and biotechnology.  The city will be incorporated with some of the best advancement in the healthcare sector and the provisions of making lives more lively.

This will help to improve healthcare outcomes for residents and will position the city as a leader in the field of biotechnology.

Tourism and Entertainment

It is also being made with a mindset of making it the hub for entertainment purposes for people from throughout the world.

The city will feature luxury resorts, theme parks, and other attractions to draw visitors from around the world. The city’s location along the Red Sea coast makes it an ideal destination for water sports and other outdoor activities.

Unbelievably Smart Infrastructure

The city will also be honed with some of the best infrastructure. It will astonish every individual’s mind on the planet, and will amaze them about the place.

Neom City will be a smart city, with advanced infrastructure and technologies that allow for efficient and sustainable living. The city will incorporate the latest in automation and artificial intelligence to improve everything from transportation to waste management. For example, the city will feature a high-speed rail network that will allow residents to travel quickly and easily between different parts of the city.

Challenges and Controversies of Neom City

Despite these innovative ideas and great infrastructure, Neom city has its own part of challenges and controversies. One of the main problems in making the city is the impact of making the city on surrounding environment, which is full of some of the endangered species of the Red sea.

There have been many reports that result as the making of this city can cause the extinction of the local inhabitants, which will ultimately affect the whole country.

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Neom city in Saudi Arabia

Another concern has been the impact of the project on local communities. The construction of the city has required the relocation of a number of communities. There have been concerns about the impact of this on these communities. In addition, there have been concerns about the impact of the project on human rights, particularly with regards to the treatment of migrant workers who are employed in the construction of the city.


At last, we can conclude that the making of this city would surely be a wonder in the society. But the question is do we actually need something like that at such a cost?

The answer might depend on person to person. So we can’t just talk about that. But what we can say is that if this was in existence, then it would be something apart from this world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neom City and where is it located?

Neom City is a planned cross-border city in Saudi Arabia. It is being built on a vast 26,500 square kilometre site along the Red Sea coast.

What will be the impact of making this city on the local environment?

The lifecycle of the inhabitants of the surroundings will surely be disrupted by the construction of the city. There might be some extinction of the rare species.

Who is funding the construction of Neom City?

The funding has been raised by the government of Saudi Arabia and some of the leading private sectors in the country.

When is Neom City expected to be completed?

The city is expected to be completed by the end of 2030, and will be opened for the citizens just after that.

How will Neom City be powered?

Neom city will be powered with sustainable sources of energy like wind and solar energy.

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