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Religion, Laws related to Religion, and Holy Places of Saudi Arabia

What’s the official religion in Saudi Arabia? How is Saudi Arabia different from other countries in the world? All these questions might be somehow related to the present growth of the nation, and today we are going to know about the same. Saudi Arabia is a country that follows strictly Islam and its regulations from the very early of its formation. It is the home to an eternal holy places of Saudi Arabia called Mecca.

The country has a lot of stories, heritage, myths, and facts about its culture, and we are going to discover all of them in this article. So let’s just hop on an endless virtual trip to Saudi Arabia.

Introduction to the Religion of Saudi Arabia

Islam is the state religion of Saudi Arabia, and every citizen of the country is require to follow Islam for their nationality. Any other religion’s practitioner can’t showcase itself publicly. The conversion from Islam to any other religion is punish by death in the country.

The country forbids its people from a lot of practices that do not satisfy the Islamic way of regulating the world. Which has become a very problem with the dignity of the non-muslims. The annual report of International Religious freedom by the United States tagged Saudi Arabia with 15 other countries as “countries of concern”.

The population of Muslims consists of 75% of Sunni Muslims, while the other 25% of Shia. Apart from that, the country’s more than 30% of its population is predominantly. But not Muslim people from around the world. The country has strict laws for those who are not Muslims and visits to holy cities like Mecca and Madina are not allow to them.

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Laws related to Religion in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the strict countries when it comes to restrictions. There are hundreds of laws that can horrify any individual who has been recently introduce to these laws and reforms of the country.

Choice of Religion

There are restrictions on the occupation of religion by one’s choice in the country. Islam has considered the supreme religion of all, and practising any other religion than that is prohibited in public.

Religious Dress Code

The Dress code of Saudi Arabia is also satisfied with the provisions of Islam. It seeks the elegance of the human body by covering it, and not presenting it as a showcase to the world outside.

Religious Dress code in Mecca

Here in Saudi Arabia, women are bound to wear a black Burqa, which is describe as the clothing of females in the holy books. The men also have a specific dress called Thawb, which is an article of comfortable clothing in the country.

Constitution of Saudi Arabia

The basic law of governance of Saudi has described the Quran and Sunnah as the constitution of the country, and every rule, regulation, and provision written on it is the sole base of running the country. This was all stated in the year 1992, and from that day onwards, the country is following the same.

Holy Places of Saudi Arabia

Talking about the holy places of Saudi Arabia, there are hundreds of them in the country which satisfy the souls of every Muslim around the world. Some of the holy places that the country is a residence with, signify the unnatural peace and satisfaction in its purest form.

Holy Places of Saudi Arabia: Hejaz

The homeland of the Muhammad of Islam, and the residence of Mecca and Madina, Hejaz is the region that locates all this. The two cities located in the Hejaz are called the Haramayn or Haramain, which simply means “The Two Sanctuaries”


Shaam is another region in Saudi Arabia that consists of the cities like Jerusalem and Damascus. This place is also among the wonders of Islam and has a history that signifies the Islamic culture in the past.

Holy Places of Saudi Arabia: Mecca

The title of the holiest place for every Muslim around the globe can be given to the city of Mecca. This place is the home to the holiest site “Kabba” (Cube) and is very important for Hajj (pilgrimage) as one of the five pillars of Islam.

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Mecca in Saudi Arabia

Holy Places of Saudi Arabia: Madina

The second holiest place in Islam after Mecca is the city of Madina, which is the home to Al-Masjid An-Nawabi.

Madina in Saudi Arabia

This place was also the final residence of the prophet Muhammed, and also the place where his grave is located.


The Al-Aqsa mosque compound makes the city the third important place in the list of holy places of Saudi Arabia. This place was the residence of many prophets like Ibrahim, Dawood, Sulaiman, and Isa. That’s why this place is among the most auspicious places from the Islamic point of view.

The compound of Al-Aqsa mosque satisfies more than 4,00,000 worshippers at once, who come every year to purify their souls. To establish a connection with the creator of this land.


The land of Saudi Arabia has a lot of aspects. Which are still unknown to anyone who has never been there. The country has rules and regulations like no other country. And has a system of working that no one can dare to work with. Holy places of Saudi Arabia is the home to the Muslims.

Knowing more about the country will be the best, and to do so. People need to learn everything that relates to it. The country has a lot of things to offer. But remember that every luxury comes with a bitter price to pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the holiest place in Saudi Arabia?

The city of Mecca is the holiest place in Saudi Arabia, which is also the land where the prophet Muhammad was born and brought up.

Does Saudi have Hindu temples?

As the country is dominate by Muslims, there are no other places of worship except the mosques. The people are allow to worship their religion, but the public appearance of any religious activity except Islamic ones is prohibited in the country.

Can non-Muslims go to Mecca?

The entry of any non-muslim is prohibited in the city, and if anyone tries to get into Mecca, then as result they might even get deported to their countries.

What is inside the Kaaba of Mecca city?

The Kaaba has three pillars that support the roof and several golden and silver lamps suspended in the air.

Which is the world’s oldest religion?

The oldest religion in the world is entitle to the Sanatan Dharm, which nowadays signifies the Hindu culture.

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