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Job in Dubai: Top 10 money-making professions to acquire in 2024

Job in Dubai: There are thousands of professions to work in. But what makes the most money is the question to be asked. So let’s just start this article of ours which describes the top 10 money-making professions to acquire in 2024.

Jobs in Dubai

With the growing modernization throughout the world. Choosing one’s profession has become more dependent on future scopes and the amount of money one gets from their selected profession. Nowadays, working hard is not enough to survive on the planet. You must be smart enough while choosing your path in this life. So that you get all the essentials as well as luxurious things in your life.

Jobs in Dubai 2024

With the high demands for experts and labour as well. Dubai is surging with various job opportunities for every skilled individual throughout the world to come to the Arab lands. And to be a part of one of the most successful cities in the world.

The luxurious lifestyle with a huge income awaits to be yours if you have one of these top 10 money-making skills in Dubai. For now, just take a glance at the salary of different jobs in Dubai below-

List of well-paid jobs in Dubai

So now let’s talk about each of the contents of the table specifically in a detailed manner, and find their pros and cons in Dubai.

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Avg. Salary = AED 1,00,000

Salary Range= AED 75,000- AED 1,35,000

A chief Executive Officer is the most important part of any company throughout the world, and taking care of his salary is the best thing to do for any company whatsoever.

A CEO is responsible for all the important decisions made by the company, its financial statements, and every matter that tends to be very chaotic. This profile serves as a great task to do.

Jobs in Dubai: Lawyer

Avg. Salary= AED 70,000

Salary Range = AED 60,000- AED 1,06,000

To handle the legal requirements of big and legit companies and to protect the business from legal and compliance perspectives, lawyers play a vital role. He counsels all legal contractual issues and assures the legitimacy of the legal liability of the company to the courts.

Jobs in Dubai

This is one of the major professions to acquire in Dubai or anywhere else on the planet, as the majority of successful business owners need a lawyer who can guide them through their adversities and can safeguard the company by his/her presence.


Avg. Salary= AED 52,500

Salary Range= AED 30,000- AED 75,000

Pilots are the most sought professionals, especially in the Gulf region. There is a worldwide shortage of flight attendants and crew, and the gulf air carriers are a major attraction for applicants in this field.

To become a pilot in Dubai airlines, you have to pass some exams after the completion of your commercial pilot licence and to be fit for flying according to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards.

Being a pilot in the Gulf includes perks like free housing, utilities, school fees, and provident fund investment.

Restaurants General Managers

Avg. Salary= AED 50,000

Salary Range= AED 25,000- AED 70,000

Going further on our list of top 10 money-making professions to acquire in Dubai, let’s get a hold of something that a lot of people didn’t even categorise as a profession to be concerned about.

Yes, I am talking about General Restaurant Managers, who are responsible for the effective going of a restaurant and managing staff and day-to-day work. They also control the budget, profit, and loss statements of the restaurants, and report them to the owner of the restaurant.

Jobs in Dubai

If you have experience in finance and management then Dubai will honour you with some job opportunities. Where you will be able to earn a handsome amount of money and can live a great life long on.

Artificial Intelligence Engineers (AI)

Avg. Salary= AED 32,000

Salary Range= AED 25,000- AED 35,000

Nowadays, with the uprising of Intelligence in the world, the requirement for AI has become a part of everyone’s life. Dubai is also well aware of the needs and assistance fulfilled by AI and promotes the field by setting up to make the city the smartest city in further years of development.

So with this, there is an open invitation to the Artificial engineers and developers to work for the city and have a great return on their decision to work.

Data Science Expert

Avg. Salary= AED 34,000

Salary Range= AED 25,000- AED 38,000

As someone has said,” In this generation, the powerful man lies on the data”, it’s true. In a modern world like ours, everything resides on data and the Data scientists are those who take care of it.

Data scientists are personalities who analyse the data and understand the trends for better functionality of the organisation. There are very few of them, and the reason is still unknown.

Because of this lack in numbers, the demands are high, and in UAE, it is striking hard to get all the Data scientists in their country and to carve out some astonishing results.


Avg. Salary= AED 73,000

Salary Range= AED 16,000- AED 80,000

This is one of the noblest and most hard-working professions in the world. This field is something that requires a lot of patience and practise for years to get settled. The city of Dubai seeks some of the best doctors for a better life expectancy in their city, and to fulfil that, they are ready to pay you more than what you expect in your life.

Jobs in Dubai

To work in this field in Dubai, you must be specialised in the divisions like neurologists, vascular surgeons, child psychiatrists/psychologists, and heads of obstetrics and gynaecology with at least 10 years of working experience.


Avg. Salary= AED 70,000

Salary Range= AED 63,000- AED 77,500

The bankers are the leading block to the domestic production of any land in this entire world. Their work is to maintain the stable working of the money and to provide for the needs of the people living in the country.

To work in this field, you must have an in-depth knowledge of finance, working of money, banks, interest on loans, and many more to enhance your working standards to a different level.

Dubai is a rich country with one of the most successful personalities living in it. And what they expect is for their money to be protected and to be in good hands. For that, they hire one of the best individuals in the field and also pay them off the charges to be loyal to them.

IT Managers

Avg. Salary= AED 60,000

Salary Range= AED 50,000- AED 80,000

A chief IT manager builds up the company by managing projects involving the design, deployment, testing, and support of business solutions. The job requires a lot of skills like the usage of data in a particular manner to create results and to have a high energy level to represent yourselves. The candidates in this field must be highly knowledgeable about the existing technologies and aware of the scope of upcoming projects too.

Jobs in Dubai

Dubai offers a lot of Undergraduate degree job opportunities for the nerds of tech so that they can work for the city and can earn a very great amount of money out of it.


Avg. Salary= AED 50,000

Salary Range= AED 30,000- AED 80,000

The Actuaries are the people who are somewhere related to the insurance companies. They find the risks and analyse the profit of the companies. Evaluating risks to draw up insurance policies to lower the cost of that risk. To be an actuary, you have to pass a lot of severely designed examinations and have a practice period of more than five years in the field.

Well, Dubai has a lot of opportunities in this field too. Once you have covered all the required necessities, there is no stopping your success in the field and a better future to live on.


Well, that was all with this article of ours, where we get to know the top 10 money-making professions to acquire in Dubai and to make a great life for you out there.

So keep loving the articles of Pack Your Bags, and we will continue our path to provide you with the best possible information regarding the life of Dubai and more…

Recently asked questions

Which job has the highest salary in Dubai?

Response: The jobs that put a lot of money in your pockets are-

  • Real Estate Broker
  • Doctors
  • IT engineers
  • Pilots
  • Restaurant Managers

Which jobs have the highest demand in Dubai?

Response: Some jobs remain in very high demand in Dubai, and those job profiles are-

  • Chemical and Petroleum Engineers.
  • Financial Analysts and CFOs.
  • lawyers
  • Risk Analysts
  • Bankers

How can one make a lot of money in Dubai?

Response: Well, there is no guaranteed answer to this question. But the best possible way out is to grow in different economic sectors in Dubai and make a great network of people that can help you to grow.

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