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Is Egypt Really Worth the Visit this Year?

Some destinations encode dreams into the minds of travelers worldwide, and Egypt towers over such a list. This North African nation has one of the earliest civilizations on earth and a culture that is unique to it.

Cairo and Luxor alike are the hotspots of adventurers, attracted by their historical richness. While nature invites Nile’s riverbed and dry Sahara. However, there is more to Egypt than the pictures on Instagram. Temples and tombs, dunes, and snorkeling represent just some of what could draw tourists to Egypt. 

Why Choose Egypt for Extravagant Travel in 2024?

For travel enthusiasts, Egypt is a must on the bucket list, with its intricate cultural heritage and well-preserved ruins blending seamlessly with stunning desert and riverside landscapes, creating a tourist haven. Egypt’s top tourist spots, from the pristine sands of Hurghada to the amazing scuba experience and “dive under waters.” With well-guided and entirely secure experiences, you are recommended to go with a trusted partner like PackUpYourBags.

Due to the massive influx of global visitors to the country’s remarkably significant ancient landmarks, Egypt’s tourism infrastructure is booming. A trip to Egypt often stands out with a well-organized schedule, filled with insightful encounters with the country’s intricate history.

Reasons Why Visiting Egypt in 2024 will be Worth it!

Egypt, renowned as the land of ancient civilization, stands as a favored tourist destination for various reasons.

Beyond just the Great Pyramid of Giza. Egypt offers incredible architecture, stunning beaches, vibrant underwater life, and delectable cuisine, all contributing to the allure of this country. Let’s look into some compelling reasons that make Egypt a destination worth considering.

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Astounding Ancient History

egypt ancient culture

Egypt’s major claim to fame unquestionably rests on its past. This is where one of the world’s most impressive ancient civilizations thrived. Remnants of this rich history are visible everywhere, from the iconic Pyramids of Giza to the numerous archaeological sites scattered across the country.

When in Egypt, a visit to the Great Pyramid of Giza is a must. This 4,500-year-old marvel stands as the most popular historical sight in the country.

Situated just outside Cairo, opting for a guided tour through an agency like PackUpYourBags is always a good idea. An experienced guide not only provides all the information about the pyramids. But also shields you from the persistent sellers offering tours or camel rides.

Legend has it that the Giza pyramids are a unique spot with an active energy vortex. When you’re there, you might sense a special feeling—peaceful, mentally or physically healing, or even a subtle tickling inside. Being so close to these incredible monuments makes you ponder how they managed to construct them without machines. In any case, the Pyramids of Giza stand out as an exceptional destination, making Egypt truly worth a visit.

You can even venture inside one pyramid. Mind the steep stairs, but once you’re in, the experience will be worthwhile.

Whether you explore royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings or take to the skies at dawn on a hot-air balloon tour, the ancient wonders are yours to discover. Picture having breakfast with a view of the Great Pyramid. For history enthusiasts, Cairo serves as the perfect home base, conveniently close to the most renowned sites.

Egypt’s Gorgeous Beaches

Egypt Beaches

The Red Sea and superb beaches are celebrated in Egypt. There are places such as Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh or Marsa Alam where tourists from across the world seek blissful beach holidays with all-inclusive facilities. We were no exception. Egypt’s beaches rival some of the world’s best in beauty.

The beaches in Hurghada are famous for their broad stretches of golden sand and shallow waterfront entries into the sea. The other preferable beach destination is Sharm El Sheikh, known for the crystal-clear water and colorful corals that attract both snorkelers and scuba divers.

Marsa Alam is located about 300 km away from Hurghada and, therefore, provides a more subdued experience of the Red Sea with pristine beaches and clear waters that exhibit untouched coral reefs that demonstrate the natural nature of Egypt. The laid-back town of Dahab is alluring for divers and snorkelers on account of the turquoise waters that host vibrant marine life, in addition to its relaxing atmosphere. Alexandria is a city with a historical background and has beautiful beaches. Cleopatra Beach stands out for its clear waters and soft white sand.

The Red Sea is known for its rich coral reefs. Because the sea maintains its protected climate, it has been able to survive better than others and keep the reed alive for a long time. The Red Sea has 25% underwater life, which is unique to this region!

SCUBA diving with Diving Star How about, a week of that in Hurghada is highly recommended. Interestingly, Hurghada presents an entirely different atmosphere from the rest of Egypt; you will not find any annoyance, and there is no problem in moving around alone.

Enchanting Temples

Temples of Egypt

Among Egypt’s mesmerizing architecture, the temples stand out with special significance. Stepping into these sacred structures shows how ancient Egypt intertwined spirituality and mythology with daily life.

Make sure to include stops at the essential Luxor and Karnak temples. You can reach them via a scenic Nile cruise, a felucca excursion, or a trip to Luxor. Equally captivating are the temples of Edfu and Dendera, while the Abu Simbel complex is a must for a day trip from Aswan.

A Touch of Modern Flavor

Close attention should be paid to the fact that though Egypt is well known as a historical land, contemporary Egypt grants an amazing discovery. The balance of old and new features in both medieval Cairo and modern one is very attractive; it brings together centuries-long history with the whole cutter life.

In Alexandria, you will have a chance to research recent Egypt history by interacting with journalists and political experts. Apart from a traditional historical narrative of Egypt, its present status – economically prosperous and actively involved in the events that took place during the Arab Spring movement- has created something that goes beyond what is recorded if not written into history books.

Delectable Cuisine to Amaze Your Taste Buds!

The Egyptian culinary heritage is special because it reflects some influence from other types of cuisine without losing the unique flavor. It centers on vegetables, legumes, and fruit, which include coastal seafood. Further, you’ll enjoy mouthwatering bread, cheese, and meat dishes.

You may opt for a food tour of Cairo’s culinary culture, featuring dishes like Koshari (rice with chickpea and lentil), Ta’ameya (Egyptian falafel version), or om ali, which looks like bread pudding. On the other hand, have a private dinner in the rose garden of The Winter Palace.



The fascinating destination for 2024 becomes Egypt with its combination of old wonders and modern appeal. However, you can compare nothing to the unique ancient history full of wonders, including such great artifacts as The Great Pyramid of Giza. From the crowded shores of Hurghada to the quiet landscapes at Marsa Alam, Egypt’s beautiful beaches along the Red Sea are ideal for both thrill seekers and those in need or simply to relax.

Egypt is one of the destinations that deserves attention as other countries cannot boast a variety of ancient history, richness, natural beauty, and modern attractions. If you want to enjoy this mesmerizing country, contact the Pack Up Your Bags Team. We will help you make the best of your vacation!

Happy Travelling!

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