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New visa regulations for UAE 2024

UAE new visa regulations 2024: The UAE has updated its visa policies for the year 2024. Among the changes are new opportunities for those seeking business in the country and new types of tourist and student visas. The changes are designed to make it easier for people of all nationalities to visit and work in the UAE and will help to boost the economy by making it more accessible to

international visitors and investors.

By overhauling its entry and residency procedures, the UAE is making progress toward being the best location for employment, investment, entrepreneurship, education, and living. The UAE has introduced new visa regulations that increase Golden Visas’ categories and add additional entrance visas and resident permits, among other changes.

UAE new visa regulations 2024

To promote the UAE as a desirable place for living, working, and investing, the UAE cabinet enacted the executive provisions of the Federal Decree-Law on Residence of Outsiders or  Foreigners and Entry, known as the Advanced Visa System.

The UAE has created roughly 10 new admission visa and residency permit categories, as well as expanded the Golden Visa categories. On October 3, 2022, the new admission and residency system will go into effect. 

Investors in real estate

Real estate investors who buy a property for at least AED 2 million can qualify for the Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors (USD 5,44,528).

However, due to the recent changes, investors can now get the Golden Residence when getting a loan from a particular regional bank to buy a house. Additionally, investors who purchase one or more off-plan properties from recognized local real estate firms for at least AED 2 million (USD 5,44,528) will be entitled to the dwelling.

UAE new visa regulations 2024 For Entrepreneurs

Startup investors can apply for a Golden Visa if their business is registered in the UAE. It qualifies as a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) with annual sales of at least AED 1 million ($2,72,249). Also possible is obtaining the Golden Residence for Entrepreneurs if

The individual was a founder or co-founder of an earlier business venture sold for a minimum of AED 7 million (USD 19,05,850.80). Projects and proposals must receive the Ministry of Economy’s or the appropriate municipal authorities’ permission.


Students with excellent academic standing who attended secondary schools or universities in the UAE and received high grades are also qualified to apply for the 10-year or Golden Visa programs.

Additionally, gifted students who attended one of the top 100 colleges in the world are also qualified to apply for the Golden Visa program. Academic achievement and cumulative average, graduation year, and university classification are also considered.

Skilled Personnel

To be eligible for the Golden Visa program, skilled professionals must:

  • They should have a legitimate job contract in the UAE.
  • The position must fit under the Ministry of Human Resources Emiratisation’s occupational level 1 or 2 categories.
  • The starting compensation for a month is AED 30,000. (USD 8,167).
  • The skilled worker must additionally possess a bachelor’s degree.

Exceptional Talent

Gifted persons in art, culture, digital technology, sports, innovation, medicine, law, and other fields are eligible to apply for the Golden Visa program under the category of extraordinarily talented individuals.

The 10-year Visa will also be granted exclusively based on the applicant’s talent. It won’t be influenced by your level of education, employment situation, take-home pay, or group of experts. However, a federal or local government body’s recommendation or approval will be necessary.

Entry visa regulations 2024

The UAE has offered roughly ten types of entrance visas for travelers to the country with various visit purposes. That does not call for a host or sponsor.

Facilitating entry requirements for all visa kinds and providing variable visa durations that match the visitors’ demands and the visit’s purpose are two significant advances for entry visas. Additionally, all entry visas will now be valid for 60 days from the date of issuance and be accessible for single or multiple entries. They can be extended for comparable lengths as well.

Entry-level job exploration visa

Young professionals and bright employees are encouraged to research career prospects in the country with the help of the Job Exploration Visa.  If the application satisfies the following criteria, the visa will be granted without a sponsor or host:

  • Should be categorized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization as belonging to the first, second, or third skill level.
  • Should have recently graduated from one of the top 500 institutions in the world.
  • Has at least a bachelor’s degree, or the equivalent, in education.

UAE new visa regulations 2024 For Family visa

Previously, parents may sponsor their minor children under the UAE’s Family Visa law. Male children can now be supported by their parents until they are 25. Under a special permit, parents may sponsor their disabled children and an unmarried female for an extended period of time.

Permission to visit family or friends

If a visitor is a friend or relative of a UAE citizen or resident. They may apply for an entry permit to visit friends and family. Neither a sponsor nor a host is necessary.

Entry authorization for a transient work assignment

Visitors are sponsored by their employers and have temporary work assignments. Such as a probationary period or project-based mission, may apply for entry permission. In addition, if a visitor is a friend or relative of a UAE citizen or resident. They may apply for this entry permit.

Among the prerequisites are:

  • A contract for temporary employment
  • A letter from the employer outlining the goal of the visit
  • Proof of one’s ability and health to work.


The UAE has introduced several new visa options for those visiting the country in 2024. These include visas for skilled workers, exceptional talent, and those seeking to visit family or friends. There are also visas available for those on temporary work assignments.

Check the requirements for each visa type before applying, as some may require a sponsor or host. The UAE is making it easier for people to visit and explore all the country has to offer.

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