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Dubai NOL Card: Everything Tourists Need to Know Paying for Dubai’s Public Transport & More

The dazzling city in the midst of the Arabian peninsula, Dubai is one of the most visited places by tourists every year. The city has a vibrant culture along with a luxurious living that fascinates each and every soul to visit once in their lifetime.

To accommodate this, the Dubai government has heavily invested in architecture and public transport. Here, a significant step taken by the government of Dubai is the NOL card, which has changed the way of exchange in the city.

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NOL card in Dubai

Here in this article, we will delve into everything tourists need to know about the Dubai Nol Card, how it works, and why it is an essential tool for travellers in this futuristic metropolis.

What is a Dubai NOL Card?

Starting with a quick introduction, NOL is an electronic card that allows the tourists to pay for various public transports and other services in the city. The meaning of “NOL” here is “Fare” in Arabic.

Nol card for public transport

The card was introduced to people in 2009 as a great initiative to encounter the problems of tourists. To streamline the city’s public transportation system and provide a seamless payment experience for users.

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How Many Types of NOL Cards are There?

Well! Now we can get to see 6 different NOL cards in the city of luxury. It varies with the needs of tourists and residents of Dubai. 

  1. Red Ticket:

A disposable card used for short journeys and then can be disposed of with no charges fined for that. These are the best choice for travellers who come to the city for a day or two.

  1. Silver NOL Card:

The Silver NOL card is a regular card that is used by the majority of people in the city. This card allows you to travel within the city with no hassle. It also provides you with some offers and coupons on your journeys.

  1. Gold NOL Card:

The gold NOL card is kind of similar to that of a Silver NOL. But this card provides you with a little more of a comfortable experience with public transports. With this card, one can get access to the gold cabin of Dubai metro and can experience a less crowd.

  1. Blue NOL Card:

This is the card for students, which provides them with lesser fares and better offers in public transports of Dubai. To get this card, one requires to go through the documentation and examination.

  1. Personalised Blue NOL Card:

Similar to the regular Blue card, but it is personalised and non-transferable. This card is available for registered students who want the convenience of a personalised card.

  1. NOL For People of Determination:

This is the card for people with disabilities. It provides them with fare-free rides in the public transports of Dubai, and provides them with easy access to them.

How To Get a Dubai NOL Card?

Now when you have an idea of what to do on your next trip to Dubai. You can head straight to any ticket vending machine, RTA customer service centre, or authorised sales agent, including metro stations, bus stations, and some retail outlets and get yourself a red ticket or a silver NOL.

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Dubai Nol card

For a personalised NOL card, you have to visit a major metro station in the city. To get a personalised card, you will need to provide a valid identification document, such as a passport or Emirates ID, and a passport-sized photograph.

Places Where You can Use The NOL Card

The NOL card can be used in every public transport of Dubai including the Dubai Metro, a driverless train system that connects key locations within the city. The buses, which offer extensive coverage of Dubai’s neighbourhoods and destinations. And trams, water buses, and taxis of Dubai.

Nol card for various places in Dubai

In a nutshell, a NOL makes the public transport of the city a little less of what we call troublesome. 

Other Benefits of NOL Card Besides The Public Transport

This aspect includes the parking, which can be accessed and paid for through the NOL cards. Some of the taxis in Dubai also accept payments through a NOL card.

Besides these two, the last but not the least place where the NOL card can be used to pay for are Dubai’s parks and museums, necessary to visit by every traveller from around the globe.

Benefits for Nol Card

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In a nutshell, the complex and innovative city of Dubai has something that makes a lot of jobs easy and lets the traveller feel more confident with their trips.

The Dubai Nol Card is undoubtedly a must-have tool for tourists exploring the city. Not only does it provide a seamless and convenient way to travel on public transport.

So, whether you are planning a short trip or an extended vacation, be sure to get your Dubai Nol Card and embark on a journey of exploration and wonder in this modern metropolis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase a Dubai Nol Card?

Dubai NOL cards can be purchased at any public transport area like bus stops, metro stations, or the RTA office, which issues the NOL cards.

What types of Nol Cards are available for tourists?

For tourists, the two main types of Nol Cards are the Red Ticket and the Silver Nol Card. The Red Ticket is a disposable card with limited use, while the Silver Nol Card is a reloadable card that offers more cost-effective fares and greater flexibility.

Can I use the Nol Card for parking in Dubai?

Yes, besides the public transports, the NOL cards can be used for the parking and other purposes like museum tickets and taxis.

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